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Our Mission:
To empower low-income, working households in Harrisonburg-Rockingham to improve their quality of life by assisting them with their transportation needs.

By donating to Way to Go, you are investing in the future of a local family striving for self-sufficiency and financial independence! The more we help our residents connect, the more access they will have to employment opportunities, city and county services, and a better quality of life. Transportation is the link that provides this access and opportunity for the most vulnerable citizens within our community.

All proceeds from the Great Community Give will go into our General Client Services Fund to assist low-income workers with their transportation needs. All gifts made to Way to Go are tax deductible.

In the video above, Denise (Way to Go client) and Greg Berkshire (VP and Dealer Finance Manager at F&M Bank) share their unique perspectives regarding the impact of Way to Go's WorkCars Program. The WorkCars program enables Way to Go clients to finance an affordable and dependable vehicle through bank-rate financing which they otherwise are unable to obtain on their own.

​If you'd like to see another client success story, follow this link to learn about Meagan and how a donated vehicle from a local community member greatly improved her and her family's quality of life:   http://www.whsv.com/content/news/Local-families--472414413.html

About Us
Way to Go is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that began services in July 2005. Way to Go is the only nonprofit organization in Harrisonburg-Rockingham dedicated solely to transportation services and solutions for our most vulnerable population. In our vision for our community, no low-income working family’s employment opportunities will be compromised by a lack of affordable, dependable, legal, and safe transportation. Without this, these families struggle each day to reach the job or training that could bring them economic security. Way to Go is committed to helping families in our community become more self-sufficient and financially independent by assisting them with urgent vehicle transportation needs.

One in three households in Harrisonburg and one in five households in Rockingham County have incomes below $25,000, which is the federal poverty level for a family of four. It is not surprising that households with incomes below $25,000 are nine times more likely to be without a car than households with incomes above $25,000. Working families, and those that want to be working and self-sufficient, understand the role a reliable car can play in their lives and how it will allow them to improve their situation.

Way to Go is about creating stability and providing access to opportunities for the most vulnerable residents of our community so they may become as productive and involved in their community as possible. For this to occur, residents must be able to access the community in which they live. Transportation is that link to better connect these residents. Way to Go takes pride in not providing a hand-out to those in need, but rather provides a hand-up to residents working hard to reach their goals. We like to say that our services are an investment into the future of those we serve.
What does your money support?
Client services provided by Way to Go focus primarily on maintaining or obtaining a vehicle. There are a variety of client services that your money will go toward:
·        providing a donated or assisted-purchased vehicle
·        repairs, including State inspection
·        vehicle insurance payments
·        vehicle fees
·        gas vouchers
·        monthly vehicle payment to bank or finance company
·        taxi trips while vehicle is in the repair shop
·        driving lessons in order to obtain a VA driver’s license
·        other urgent needs necessary to maintain employment

In order to be eligible for Way to Go's services, clients must reside in either Harrisonburg or Rockingham; have a verifiable job offer or be currently employed; and referred by a local agency or organization who believes the client is a good candidate for services based on their work record, financial need, and desire to become self-sufficient and financially independent. 

For more information about Way to Go contact our Executive Director Ben Craig or click on this link for a video with more information:https://www.whsv.com/content/news/Way--503434581.html?newest

On-Going Needs
Remember while today April 17th is all about online donations, Way to Go is always accepting car donations, no matter the condition! Donated vehicles suitable for award to a client are tax deductible based on the vehicle's fair market value. Follow the link below to our website for more details on car donations!

Stay in Touch
Check out our website: www.w2ginc.org
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Thanks for all the support over the years!


Good job keeping the community working


As a member of the Way to Go Coalition I get to see the difference these services make in someone's life. It is wonderful to be a part of a


Way 2 Go is an amazing program that I am blessed to be a personal witness of the great work that they have done within the community!!!