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The Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association is committed to the body of Christ, His church. We believe that our purpose before God is to assist the local community of faith by supporting, supplementing, and mobilizing them for the work of evangelism.

While Steve Wingfield was pastoring a church in Roanoke, Virginia, he began to receive invitations to speak at area-wide evangelistic meetings. In 1983, Steve answered God’s call to full-time evangelism. The Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association was founded in 1987.

SWEA is not formally affiliated with any denomination. The ministry partners with a wide variety of denominations in support of its programs.

This ministry is wholly financed through tax-deductible contributions from individuals and organizations that share the vision of the ministry and wish to be active participants in the Great Commission.

SWEA is currently focused on our calling to reach the men, women, and young people who attend NASCAR races around the country.  Through the emerging Victory Weekend, we are able to set up our mobile platform to entertain and inspire our fans with music that they love, life-changing testimonies from NASCAR drivers, and powerful messages from Steve Wingfield and others.

SWEA is expanding its ministry outreach by including the Lodestar Mountain Inn at Smoke Hole. The inn will be a refuge for church leaders, youth groups, and dedicated business leaders to hold meetings, seminars, and retreats in a beautiful natural setting and at a well-appointed and professional facility. Being outdoors, participants will be able to relax and be refreshed during their stay at this restful refuge.

The ministry was recently gifted the Lodestar Guidance program, an innovative tool using 48 character principles to live and lead. This program is ideal for businesses, churches, and individuals. To learn more, visit our website by clicking here.

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