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Skyline Literacy

In our 30 years of serving the Valley’s literacy needs, the number of our adult learners has tripled from 100 to an annual average of 300. As a nonprofit organization, we put the needs of our learners first and are dedicated to meeting their needs, which is why we’ve developed a unique instructional approach that:

  • focuses on the needs of a rural community;
  • provides customized lessons for every learner, regardless of his or her mobility, flexibility, or other circumstances;
  • offers one-on-one and/or group instruction, based on our learners’ needs and goals;
  • places our learners under the instruction of well-educated, trained volunteers;
  • supplies comprehensive services for our learners, such as Citizenship Preparation; and
  • partners with other community organizations to order to deliver the best learning experience possible.

Skyline Literacy’s programs include:

  • Volunteer tutoring- working one-on-one with adults at or below 5th grade level.
  • Citizenship Preparation-volunteers teach legal permanent residents (who are eligible to apply for U.S. Naturalization) about U.S. History and government, reading, writing and interview skills.
  • English Learning Language (ELL)-volunteer tutors teach small groups of learners speaking, reading, writing, and survival skills.
  • GED Preparation-volunteer tutors work one-on-one with adults reading at or above a 6th grade level who are preparing for the GED exam.
  • Computer Literacy-classes for beginner and intermediate students. Learn computer basics in Level 1. In Level 2, learn how to do online searches, download and upload files, and create basis Word documents.


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