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Second Home Learning Center

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Second Home Learning Center is an academically focused, licensed, non-profit, before and after school care center serving low income families in Harrisonburg. Our goal is not only to provide a safe place that is affordable to low income families, but to empower students through academic support, character development, and enrichment activities. Second Home’s mission is to provide children with a safe place to learn and grow, to offer support that ensures academic success, and to strive to have each child recognize their potential. We envision a community where all children are afforded the same opportunities to thrive, and barriers of poverty and difference are overcome. We respect the value and potential of every child. We seek to model the positive social interactions we want our youth to exhibit. We recognize our children are parts of families, and we engage those families as partners.

“Second Home supports the whole child and opens a path to a more abundant life.”  – Bishop Humphrey, ELCA Virginia Synod 

 Children receive healthy snacks, homework help, and learn social skills. Our qualified teachers, with the support of trained and dedicated community volunteers, offer an individualized academic enrichment program. Math, literacy, STEM, fine and performing arts activities, as well as field trips are offered in order to help our students keep up with their peers and prepare them for a successful future. Throughout the last decade hundreds of families have maintained employment with the support of Second Home. We open our doors at 6:00 AM for parents working early morning shifts. Children are transported to and from schools by school buses and we close at 6:00 PM. Staff members maintain close communication with schools and parents in order to best support our students in their development. We help parents communicate with schools and connect them with community resources when needed. 

“I’m not afraid the teacher will call on me. I get help with my homework and now I know all the answers” – Second Home student

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Second Home is an amazing, safe learning space for the local children! I am so honored to have worked here:)


Happy to support Second Home!


Good Luck! I love you guys!


Thanks for all you do for children!