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Redeemer Classical School

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The good. The true. The beautiful.

Our dedicated teachers and staff cultivate powerful minds and strong character in our students as we teach history, Latin, math, science, literature, logic, theology, music and art that's good, true and beautiful. We instill in them a love of learning they'll carry with them for a lifetime.

We envision an esthetic school building that reflects the amazing activities going on inside — attractive classrooms where our young people can continue to grow in wisdom and eloquence. We hope to raise $10,000 that will go toward the long list of needed renovations to our historic, 100-year-old school building. You can see a more detailed description at www.rcsfuture.org/future.html

Redeemer Classical School opened its doors to 15 middle school students in 2004. Since that time, enrollment has grown to over 135 with students from Pre-K through the 8th grade. Redeemer serves families of all backgrounds from throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Redeemer is fully accredited by Christian Schools International.

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