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Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center

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Give to the "Massanetta Swings" Fundraiser!

Massanetta’s mission is, “to be a place for all people to experience God through renewal, discovery, and hospitality.”  One of the most common ways for our youngest guests to experience God is through play.  They imagine the world in new ways.  They learn about their gifts of strength, flexibility, and adventure.  They fall into that easy fellowship only the youngest of God’s children seem able to create.  Massanetta Springs is creating a new play area for children this spring.  By giving to our Massanetta Swings fundraiser, you can help the children of Massanetta Springs encounter our space, and each other in new, and often holy ways.
April 18th is our “Massanetta Swings Fundraiser.”  On that day, a generous couple has offered to match any gift given through The Great Community Give Day dollar for dollar up to $4,000.  This means if we raise $4,000, our total amount raised for the day will become $8,000!  A $25 gift becomes $50 through the matching gift, $150 becomes $300 and so on.  Our first goal for The Great Community Give Day is $8,000 which would pay for the swing area.
When built, this swing area will be combined with a new large play structure and a small play structure for the youngest children at Massanetta to create a playground experience never offered by Massanetta Springs before.  We need every gift of every size to make this happen.  We need your gift! 
Our goals for April 18th:
Main Goal – To raise $4,000 which when matched becomes $8,000 through the matching gift for our swing area.

What happens when we meet that goal?

Second Goal – To raise another $2,700 to purchase/install benches for adults to supervise playing children. (This would be a total of $10,700 raised on April 18th)

What happens when we meet that goal?
Third Goal – Any funds raised over $6,700 ($10,700 with the matching gift) will go toward providing the safe surface and landscaping timbers which hold it in the designated area. (An additional $5,300 would cover these costs)

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