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Faith in Action is a coalition of multifaith congregations working together to effect common community concerns in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Bound together in strong relationships within and among our Covenant Congregations, associated groups, and beyond, we have the “people power” necessary to open minds and demonstrate significant public support for change on a given issue.

Each year, Faith in Action committees vote to take on a new campaign for change in the community. Faith in Action is committed to our guiding values:

  • -Reflect and respect diversity
  • -Learn and lead in joyful partnership
  • -Communicate clear vision and plans
  • -Strengthen congregational and community networks
  • -Connect our faith traditions with local justice concerns
  • -Act together for justice
Faith in Action is born of faith, but its goal is not to spread any particular faith or belief system. Faith in Action is about working on a specific, local justice issue, but not on behalf of a specific faith.

Faith in Action is committed to work with relevant policy

makers and stakeholders to achieve the following:

  • -Eliminate the financial burden of the $1 per day fee currently
    paid by families of inmates at our local jail and the $3 charge
    for local inmates transferred to the Middle River Regional Jail.
  • -Engage in a careful and open selection process for the hiring of a well-qualified Community Justice Planner.
  • -Establish protocols for all juvenile justice cases to be screened for a restorative justice process.

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