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Gemeinschaft Home

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Gemeinschaft Home front of houseFormer Gemeinschaft Home resident

Gemeinschaft Home is an innovative non-profit organization serving the community through our residential and non-residential programs. Located just outside the Harrisonburg city limits, in a large, renovated farmhouse, Gemeinschaft Home is nestled in the countryside and mountain vistas of the Shenandoah Valley.

A German word meaning “community,” gemeinschaft is based on direct and personal interactions. Our name highlights the mission and goals of our organization and how we enact them daily. We are a community that is dedicated to maintaining a safe space of respect, shared responsibility, and mentorship.

The tranquil environment gives individuals an opportunity to restore a sense of wholeness in their lives, and we support them by providing quality shelter, food, counseling, job coaching, and a model for daily living and responsible decisions.

Based on the Therapeutic Community (TC) model, our philosophy is rooted in values such as mutual self-help, peers as role models, and work as therapy. Our primary focus is on life recovery, a holistic approach that helps individuals to gain tools for productive living.

Therapeutic Interventions at Gemeinschaft come in two primary forms: Group and Individual Counseling, both with accompanying case management. Our curriculum has been years in the making and has evolved to consist of 25 classes covering 10 key areas of life recovery.

10 Key Areas of Life Recovery 
Relapse Prevention
Emotional Control
Staying Organized
Healthy Relationships
Conflict Resolution
Change Management
Personal Health
Cognitive Development