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YOU can help us build a better future, by contrinuting to five projects that will help our community ! 

Recreation Facility $20,000

Physical health is part of the therapeutic approach of Gemeinschaft Home, and a suitable work out space, especially in the colder months, has been a long-standing request from our residents. They often come from facilities where working out is part of a healthy routine, and our goal is to provide a variety of choices to meet the diverse needs of our residents. We currently have free weights, but we need to renovate a space and update the equipment to include additional options such as stationary bikes and treadmills.


Licensed Counselor $70,000

Hiring a licensed professional will provide important, individualized counseling interventions for residents, in conjunction with existing group sessions. Adding this position in the organization supports our mission of providing therapeutic services to support the transition to healthy community living”. We have only three short months to help prepare our residents for the transition back into life on their own, and having a professional counselor onsite is key to meeting their needs.


Women's Program $100,000

There is a dire need in the Harrisonburg-Rockingham area for a program geared specifically to women who are coming out of incarceration. Currently, there is no residential housing option in this area, despite a growing number of women returning to the local area after prison. Gemeinschaft Home’s Day Reporting program serves women, but there is no place for them to call home, even though they need the same daily support that the men’s program offers.


HVAC $20,000

The HVAC units at Gemeinschaft Home are so old that we can no longer get parts to repair them when they go down. In addition, due to their age, they are not energy efficient. We do not intend to replace units that are continuing to work, but we must be prepared to do so in the near future. More efficient HVAC units will also complement our solar installation project.


Therapy Garden $10,000

The therapy garden is still in its visionary stage. We are working on a grant to get the project started (perhaps as early as this summer). Our plan is to use the back area of our property to create an intentional space of serenity and calm for residents. It will provide a path for counselors to walk with residents in crisis and to hold sessions outside in warmer weather. There would also be areas dedicated for growing fresh vegetables and herbs for the Gemeinschaft kitchen and a fire pit.



Gemeinschaft Home is an innovative non-profit organization serving the community through our residential and non-residential programs. Located just outside the Harrisonburg city limits, in a large, renovated farmhouse, Gemeinschaft Home is nestled in the countryside and mountain vistas of the Shenandoah Valley. The tranquil environment gives individuals an opportunity to restore a sense of wholeness in their lives, and we support them by providing quality shelter, food, counseling, job coaching, and a model for daily living and responsible decisions.


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