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Friendship Industries, Inc

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Releasing Human Potential

Releasing human potential is what we do. Today you have the opportunity to help us launch Pathways, an innovative training program. Our goal is to unlock greater earning potential and improve the work skills of our dedicated employees.

​Special thanks to WVPT for putting together this video and permission for using this clip from their "Caught Doing Something Good" series. 
What will your gift mean? To our workforce of more than 100 persons with barriers to employment, it means moving forward. Your neighbors who work at Friendship Industries will engage in a customized personal improvement program. Pathways builds on the skill-training expertise we have developed during our previous 50 years – and takes it to a whole new level.

Your gift will be used to purchase skills assessment and training software plus upgrade the computers in our personal improvement center. Our employees will progress step by step along their individualized learning path with the help of a dedicated trainer. They will continue to earn their production wages during their monthly hours of training. 

Your gift will bring the dream of career advancement and improved earnings to people with the determination to challenge themselves and be the best they can be. Releasing human potential is the goal of Pathways. Combining immediate employment and pay with this intentional training component provides a needed service to people that some may consider to be unemployable.

Thank you for your generous gift!

Thank you for releasing human potential!

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