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FLRC is requesting funds for the Scholarship Program. This program allows individuals on a limited income to obtain counseling services that would not otherwise be affordable.  The agency gives away $12,000 - $15,000.00 a year in counseling services to individuals that struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, trauma and relational issues.  Every year the need of the fund increases!  With the rate of suicide on the rise in the state of Virginia, it's crucial that our agency continue to offer this program so that people have the means to receive the help that is so desperately needed.  Our counselors see over 4,500 client hours per year. The agency promotes Hope, Health and Healing!

FLRC's clients state the following:

 “Without the FLRC scholarship program, I wouldn't be able to receive the care and counseling that has so significantly bettered my life.  I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of donors that has allowed me to continue the faith-based counseling that has helped me find my voice. Thank you very much.”

"My family experienced trauma during a divorce. My youngest child was greatly affected by all that transpired.  We were blessed to find a caring understanding counselor at Family Life Resource Center.  My child was experiencing self doubt, thoughts of self harm, low confidence, and PTSD symptoms. His counselor was constantly reassuring, encouraging and supportive to both my child and me! After several years with the same counselor, my child has now graduated high school and is well on his way to a rewarding career in health care.  His self- confidence has risen, he has tools to handle stress and has learned to work through his emotions rather than stay in the ‘hole’. I am proud of the work he has done and most certainly grateful beyond words for the help we received."
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FLRC has helped me over the years. I’d like to help someone who may not be able to pay for services.


We are proud to partner with Family Life Resource Center.