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Whether you find yourself in a personal dispute or divorce, bogged down with disagreements and turmoil in the workplace, or struggling to find peaceful resolution to a contentious issue within your community, FairField has experienced professional facilitators and trainers that can help.

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We began in 1997 as an alliance of various community groups and individuals who wanted to promote tolerance to all residents and offer support to local immigrants and cultural businesses. 

Realizing the importance of communication, the festival has always translated our promotional and informational materials in the most prominent languages of our area. Since its inception international music, dance, food, artists, storytelling, and family-friendly activities for everyone have been the mainstay of our event and what have given rise to our community ethos: ‘Educate, Entertain, and Eat!’

The Harrisonburg International Festival is a program of the Civic Engagement branch of the Fairfield Center, a nonprofit organization working to advance dialogue and understanding in our community.


Conflict is natural. We all experience it in our lives, whether with family members, coworkers, or individuals in our community. Often these disagreements are minor enough that they can be easily resolved. Occasionally, however, interpersonal conflicts grow beyond the point where an easy solution is possible.

Mediation can help. Certified conflict mediators are trained individuals with experience helping people sit together and work through their differences. They are equipped to help in many different circumstances, including divorce and custody disputes, sexual harassment and diversity issues, conflict between neighbors, personal injury, and many others.

Restorative Justice is a powerful option for repairing the harm done when a crime or wrongdoing has occurred. FairField Center provides certified Restorative Justice practitioners as a legal alternative to handling these type cases through the court system, as well as coordinates juvenile offender and incarceration exit programs that help offenders understand the web of impact their crime may have had on not only victims, but their own friends and family.

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