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 Our WHO…
We’re more than our 501(c)3 nonprofit tax status, we’re a social impact organization.

Established in 1977 following the closing of St. Vincent’s Home in Roanoke. In its place, The Achievement Center Specialized Foster Care Inc. was established as a residential school for children with learning disabilities, which also placed special needs youth in foster care.
 Our WHAT…  
We build families. We recruit, train, and support homes for children and teens who have been abused and neglected…children who have experienced more trauma in a few short years than many of us will experience in a lifetime. We create families for individuals with disabilities that require more care than they can give themselves…individuals who would otherwise live in an institution. 

Our services – including foster care, adoption, and services for individuals with developmental disabilities – help to provide safe homes, permanent families, integrated community support, and opportunities for deep healing. Because family are those who love you no matter what. 
 Our HOW…
Our 200 employees support more than 900 children, teens, and individuals with developmental disabilities annually.

We have 400 foster and adoptive parents and sponsored residential care providers in 18 locations across Central and Southwestern Virginia.
 Our WHY…
DePaul exists to open doors to hope and belonging.

The children, teens, and individuals with developmental disabilities who come to DePaul have heard that life will be better when they get better. When they are fixed, found, or more perfect. But at DePaul, we believe differently. They don’t need to be fixed. They don’t need to be found.

More than anything, our folks need to belong. Unconditionally. Permanently. New things are possible when you belong. That’s the heart of DePaul.


The common thread between all of these services is simple: We help individuals and their families find unique solutions to their unique challenges.

For more information about DePaul Community Resources, visit our website at depaulcr.org or contact us at 540.265.8923.

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