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Build Our Park

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Build Our Park conceptual design rendering featuring image of existing Turner Pavilion with conceptual features of future park, including: village green, splash fountains, tree-lined multi-use path, flexible staging, pergolas, seating, tables, donor wall and garden, playground, and other amenities.

Build Our Park is a community-led nonprofit organization committed to facilitating the creation of a privately-funded public park in downtown Harrisonburg.
With guidance from the City of Harrisonburg, Build Our Park has focused its conceptual designs on an existing open space located to the southwest of City Hall and adjacent to the existing Turner Pavilion (Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market location).
The envisioned park features a pavilion expansion, village green, discovery playground, splash fountains, flexible staging facilities, tables and seating, a donor wall and fountain, atrium plaza, and a 1/8th-mile multi-use path that can one day join the Northend Greenway and the Bluestone Trail. With these sustainable features and flexible facilities, Harrisonburg’s downtown park will be a place where families can picnic, people can read and relax, children can play, and everyone can come together to enjoy music, performances, special events, and community.
To formalize the process of developing the privately-funded park, Build Our Park submitted a Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) proposal for City Council’s consideration. On March 27, Harrisonburg City Council unanimously accepted the proposal for further consideration. The Build Our Park Board of Directors has been working with City staff to plan the park’s design and would continue to work with them to plan the park’s construction as well as on-going maintenance and operations.
It is an exciting time as Build Our Park has taken an important step forward to turn our community’s vision for a stunning gathering space into a reality!

Working together, our community can transform a piece of downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia into a beautiful urban park and gathering place.
Join in the movement. Make your donation. Together let's build our park!

Throughout this exciting day of giving, Build Our Park has the opportunity to earn extra funds from a list of Great Community Give prizes related to fundraising. You can Help Build Our Park earn a $2,000 prize by getting the Most Donors between 7-8 a.m. Later in the day, Build Our Park can earn an additional $2,000 by aiming for the Most Dollars Raised between 7-8 p.m. At the end of the day, additional prizes of up to $8,000 will be awarded to the organization with the most dollars raised and with the most number of donors. Every dollar and every donation will help support the vision to make this urban park a beautiful part of our community.

Thank YOU for supporting Build Our Park as park of the Great Community Give.

The Great Community Give is a single day of giving to promote giving in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Build Our Park is honored to be a partnered non-profit organization.

If you, or your organization, are interested in learning more about how you can support Build Our Park through greater levels of giving, tangible goods or in-kind services, or through future naming opportunities, please contact Build Our Park fundraising chair Robert Hill.

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Design Plan features of the downtown urban park envisioned for Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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