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Blue Ridge Legal Services, Inc.

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Blue Ridge Legal Services, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable civil legal aid program providing free legal services to low-income residents of the Shenandoah Valley and Roanoke Valley seeking assistance in civil matters such as family disputes, dealing with debt and bankruptcy, housing disputes, access to health care, and issues affecting seniors (such as exploitation and problems with nursing homes). BRLS is committed to eliminating poverty-based inequities in the civil justice system by providing high-quality legal advice and representation to low-income residents of our service area, who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal help due to their poverty.
Each donation will be used to help Valley residents like "Ms. Rose," a BRLS client who had worked for her employer as a floral designer for 14 years. After a new manager was hired and her relationship with the owners declined, Ms. Rose was ultimately fired. When she filed for unemployment benefits, she was shocked to learn her employer had told the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) that she should not receive benefits because she had been fired for drinking on the job. Ms. Rose then came to BRLS for help. After speaking with her, as well as several of her former co-workers, the BRLS attorney was convinced that the employer’s claims regarding the Ms. Rose’s drinking and job performance were unfounded. The BRLS attorney represented Ms. Rose at the VEC hearing, and helped to highlight the inconsistencies in the employer’s claims regarding Ms. Rose’s job performance and alleged drinking. In particular, it became clear that absolutely no one ever saw Ms. Rose drinking on the job. Thankfully, the VEC determined that the employer’s claims were not supported by the facts, and Ms. Rose was able to continue receiving her benefits while she looked for a new job.
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Thank you for all the amazing work you do for our community!


Our son interned one summer at BRLS- in this time of budget cuts- supporting BRLS is needed to continue to provide and expand legal services