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Brethren Woods' mission is to provide Christian educational opportunities, facilities & programs for all ages in an inviting woodland setting; to encourage the formation of Christ-centered living, leadership, & stewardship of creation, leading towards wholeness in the Kingdom of God.  

Whether through summer camp, retreat rentals, the challenge course, outdoor school or adventure programs, this American Camp Association accredited camp strives to provide safe, exciting, & life-changing program options in a beautiful location so all who come here are given the opportunity to make room for God.  We serve children, youth & adults from all over the Shenandoah Valley, and beyond.
One of the cornerstones of the program at Brethren Woods is the summer camping program.  Children & youth from all over the Valley come for a day, half week, or weeklong experience.  During their time at camp, children, youth, & adults are encouraged to grow in their Christian walk, experience & learn to live in Christian community, develop an appreciation for the outdoors, learn to be good stewards of creation, participate in new & challenging activities, & develop leadership skills.  
A key component of the summer program is the young adult staff who spend their summer with us in the woods on the mountain just north of Keezletown.  They are enthusiastic, energetic, & committed to being positive role models for all of their campers.  It is a hard job, maybe the hardest one they will ever have, but their commitment to Christ motivates them to serve as child/youth development professionals despite the challenges.  They certainly don’t serve for the paycheck alone!  Many could earn more in a minimum wage position. 
 Currently, we aren’t able to provide the staff a comfortable place to live while they are here.  We know that in the camping world “comfortable” is a relative term, but even basic amenities are lacking.  For instance, the old, old farm house where many of them stay does not have a bathroom, is not insulated & gets very hot in the summer, is not available in other seasons, & is certainly not structured for climate control.  Due to its age, condition, & structure, remodeling the building is unfortunately not a viable option.  
Our hope is to build a new staff house that will be a comfortable place for staff to be refreshed during the summer so they are better prepared for their difficult duties.  This new facility would also be used throughout the rest of the year to host groups & volunteers.  We are prepared to move ahead with this project as soon as our total fund-raising goal for the project is met. 

The new staff house will cost approximately $200,000.00.  Our goal for the Great Community Give is $25,000.00, with additional fund-raising efforts continuing.   
Campers, weekend retreaters, staff, volunteers, & many others are our first priority.  The completion of this project will allow us to provide the infrastructure we need to support our staff & year-round events so we can continue to provide the best care for all our camp friends as we offer Christian hospitality to all who come here.
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