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Blue Ridge CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Children recruits, trains, supports, and supervises volunteers who advocate for children who have been victims of abuse or neglect.

Statute mandated and court directed, CASA is unlike any other child-serving organization. No single organization has access to the most vulnerable children in foster care. The CASA Advocate enters the child’s life at a critical moment providing the one consistent adult presence and remains for throughout the case to develop a relationship that rebuilds the basic level of trust severed by abuse, identifies and facilitates the vital services needed to mitigate the extreme trauma building resilience needed for life success, and participates in the judicial process by independently investigating and creating an unbiased, comprehensive report on all of the circumstances surrounding the abuse or neglect case.  

The child may change schools, foster homes, and social workers, yet their Advocate remains the one constant adult in the child's life throughout the case, lasting up to 2 years, changing the life trajectory for that child.

Children with a CASA Advocate are better represented, receive more services, do better on a number of well-being indicators. They become healthy, productive community members.

To learn more about how Blue Ridge CASA for Children works, and how you can get involved,
please visit us at http://blueridgecasa.org.
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I value what CASA does.


Love what you all do!! Happy to help :)


CASA is such an important service to children in need in our community.


I am for the child!