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Lost child? Missing hunter? Lost hiker? 

Blue and Gray is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation. We serve the Mid Atlantic region as a professional all volunteer wilderness Search and Rescue organization. Blue and Gray is a member of the Virginia Search and Rescue Council (VASARCO) and operates as a state resource under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM).

Blue and Gray specializes in providing airscenting search and rescue dogs to include live find, looking for live missing people, and human remains detection. The airscenting dog searches for airborne human scent, as opposed to scent on the ground such as the track left by the subjects passing. Because of the manner in which scent can stay airborne while it is carried by the wind over long distances, the airscenting dog provides an efficient tool for searching large areas. Airscenting dogs are typically not scent-discriminating, meaning they search for any human scent in the area. This means that the effectiveness of an airscenting dog can be greatly reduced in populous areas, but also makes them ideal for searching wilderness areas. Airscenting dogs can work in any variety of conditions, at any time of day or night, and at any length of time after the subject has been missing.

Search teams spend countless hours searching all across the state of Virginia and others when the call for help comes in.  They also train themselves and their canine partners night and day in a wide variety of topics to include lost person behavior, navigation, first aid & CPR (both human and canine), bone identification, obedience, agility, search tactics and many other topics to ensure they are prepared to give those lost the greatest opportunity to be found.

Though the team contributes to its members whenever possible, most equipment, travel, training, and canine costs come straight from each member's own pocket.

We strive to be ready to answer the call when possibly you, your family, or your friend are lost and need us the most. Whether dementia, alzheimers, missing hunter or hiker, autistic, simply turned around or worse, we'll be there.

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