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AVA Care of Harrisonburg is a medical nonprofit serving women facing unintended pregnancy since 1984. We provide STI testing, pregnancy testing, and confirmation through ultrasound – at no cost to her. 

At AVA Care, we understand the difficulty of facing an unintended pregnancy. We believe that information empowers. We strive to provide her with objective pregnancy and sexual health education so she can make a confident and informed decision if she has a positive test. We are here to confirm her pregnancy, Advocate for her, Validate her concerns, and provide Answers to her questions. We’re the experts on unintended pregnancy and here to empower women regarding sexual health and pregnancy decisions – no matter what they decide.

EXCEL Program
EXCEL stands for equipping parents to excel through community engagement and learning. Often, a woman facing an unintended pregnancy doesn’t feel equipped to be a mom. She may not believe she can achieve her dreams. WE BELIEVE SHE CAN DO BOTH. By showing her the resources available to her, we broaden her vision and build her confidence. By partnering with several community organizations, AVA Care equips women with the resources and training they need to flourish personally and professionally. Women are encouraged to participate in more than one program. Men are also welcome to participate. Each woman who participates receives a layette with basic baby supplies and clothing, as well as diapers for the first year of their baby’s life. All items are generously donated by individuals from the local community. Program Benefits:

  • With proof of enrollment, a coupon for a layette is given. Layettes include diapers, wipes, baby clothes, baby blankets, etc.
  • With proof of ongoing participation in, or completion of a class, clients are eligible to receive two packs of diapers and one pack of wipes every month for the first year of their baby’s life.
  • If a client’s partner also participates in a program, the benefit increases to three packs of diapers per month.
  • Women who have participated in this program experience increased self-esteem, expanded social networks and support systems, stronger parenting skills, and the confidence to pursue employment.

THREE Program
THREE stands for help, healing, and hope. THREE is a confidential abortion recovery program designed for individuals who have experienced an abortion in their past. This free study is offered on an individual basis or as a group study. Separate groups are available for men and women.



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