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     In 1954 the Briery Branch Community Club was founded to create a needed meeting hall and a place for outdoor recreation. The resulting Community Center was formed with volunteer labor and fundraising.

To see pictures and more information please visit us at our website WWW.BrieryBranchCC.wixsite.com/brierybranch

     The Green Team from Ottobine Elementary School and community members will plant donated shrubbery to celebrate  Arbor  Day at the  Briery Branch Community Center.  Shrubbery includes 2 butterfly bushes; ten hydrangeas consisting of 5 Oak Leaf; 4 Lime Light; 3 Lace Cap; 4 Endless Summer plus 8 English box woods; 4 arborvitae; 10 Zebra grass, 4 Spirea, 8 dwarf Mungo pines, 8  purple cone flowers, 10 Fire Dance Red Hot Pokers and various Lirope plants donated by Master Gardner Di-Ann Hand of Harrisonburg. The Arbor Day celebration will help create a more park like setting for children and their parents to enjoy the recreational facilities at the Community Center.
Funds are needed to purchase top soil, mulch and a few trees to be placed around the Entrance Sign.

     Everyone is invited to join us on Arbor Day weekend, April 27th at 9 a.m. to help with our project.

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We are grateful to the Briery Branch Community Center for providing a welcoming venue for our cycling event!