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Briery Branch Community Club, Inc.

$510.00 contributions
7 donors

Raised: $510Remaining: $990

The climbing wall will be built of auto tires bolted together.  They will be suspended from a 6" x 6" post and supported by 6" posts.  The frame will be created in a L shape with one side 12'  long and the other part of the L  36' long.  Its height will be 8". The tires will be anchored in the dirt and then the entire area covered by a thick layer of wood chips.  We are very thankful for the volunteer labor that will make it possible.  The climbing wall will be located beside the kid's castle and between the set of swings and tennis, basketball and corn hole courts.  Trees will be planted to shade this entire area. 
Ian Z donated $50.00
Irvin C A donated $50.00
Gwen E donated $100.00
Jan T donated $100.00
Charles and Judy W donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $100.00

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