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Collins Center

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The Collins Center is a sexual assault response and advocacy organization that serves Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg. For thirty years, the Collins Center has offered support to victims, survivors, and their family members through its many programs and services, including sexual assault crisis support and advocacy, prevention and education, and trauma-informed counseling. The agency's nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center (CAC) works collaboratively with community partners to provide a proactive and thorough response to child victims of abuse and their caregivers. 

Your generous contribution supports:

$10 provides support for general Collins Center needs, allocated as necessary.

$15 provides support in the form of snacks for children and their non-offending caregivers during forensic interviews and/or after school counseling appointments.

$25 provides non-offending caregivers with resources, such as books, to help them support their child in healing.

$50 supports a Collins Center facility dog, providing comfort with a tail wag!

$75 supports bystander education and training that stresses the importance of community wide support for violence prevention.

$250 supports a new community initiative designed to permanently reduce rates of violence and mobilize and empower all members of our community. The Collins Center needs 50 passionate donors to believe that we can do it - eliminate sexual violence before it starts and engage community members in in proactive behaviors.

$500 donation at this amount can provide funding to any combination of the above, and all donations help us to achieve our mission of eliminating sexual violence and its impact in our community.

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