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Hope Distributed Community Development Corporation

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Who are we?

Hope Distributed isn't just a food pantry. We're a community coming together to lift one another up with dignity and respect. Our clients benefit from a self-serve system, allowing them to choose food that best suits their dietary or cultural needs. We also run a free clothes closet, a furniture warehouse, and programs offering food delivery to the disabled and food to children below the poverty level.

What happens to your donation?

In order to reach our goal of serving 30% of people below poverty level, we need to serve 8,000. With your generosity, Hope Distributed will be able to expand our food pantry by being able to afford more resources and feed the Harrisonburg community.

Not thinking of giving financially, but still want to get involved?

For more information on volunteer opportunities and food/furniture/clothing donations, call Jenny Meadows at (540) 578-3510.


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