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The Salvation Army Harrisonburg Corps

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Since 1925 the Harrisonburg Salvation Army has partnered with the local community to provide a helping hand to those caught in the grip of poverty and to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible.


While the services have changed over those years, three things have remained constant for The Salvation Army throughout those 92 years: the love of Jesus Christ as the driving desire to serve others; offering practical services; and coupling those services with understanding, compassion, and hope.   


The Salvation Army is blessed to be surrounded and supported by a warm, gracious, and loving community that has a concern for others. Year after year, the generosity of the community in which we serve provides the finances, volunteers, and other resources needed for The Salvation Army to help others with a hand up. The partnership with the community allows thousands of our neighbors to be assisted annually at their moment of need.


The Harrisonburg Salvation Army Corps, located on Ashby Avenue, provides material, emotional, and spiritual support to children, women, and men. In addition, the local Corps operates the Family Services and Emergency Shelter, a 64-bed facility located on Jefferson Street.


The Salvation Army extends its deepest gratitude to each person who, by their generous gifts of financial resources and time, help The Salvation Army to serve those who come through its doors. The Salvation Army pledges to stretch each dollar as far as possible, to be effective and efficient in the provision of service, and to serve those in need with the same compassion and passion as Jesus Christ served those who turned to Him.


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