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First Step: A Response to Domestic Violence, Inc.

$1,335.00 contributions
28 donors

Raised: $1335Remaining: $6665

First Step: A Response to Domestic Violence empowers individuals through support, advocacy, and education. We are commmitted to the elimination of domestic violence in our community. 
​With the vision of helping survivors break the cycle of violence in their lives, First Step is dedicated to providing: 
- A 24/hour crisis hotline
- Plan for safety
​- Shelter
​- Support Group
​- Court accompaniment/legal advocacy
​- Financial empowerment
​- Children's support and advocacy
​- Referrals

What does your donation do?
~ Provides needed supplies for the shelter.
~  Provides warmth & light for the victims of domestic violence in our shelter & keeps it operational 365 days a year!
Keeps our Domestic Violence Support Group running!
~ Funds crisis hotline, support services, and shelter stays for survivors & their children!

Visit to learn more about us!


barbara c donated $30.00
Shannon M donated $150.00
Nancy M donated $10.00
Jessica C donated $25.00
Gary C donated $25.00
Daphyne T donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you to Candy and the entire staff for your work on behalf of victims.


First Step is a saving force.