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april shoppingIndividuals who have developmental disabilities are important members of our community, but many have barriers to independence and community integration.  Pleasant View provides a variety of residential, day, and spiritual supports needed for individuals to not only live in the community, but become a part of and enrich their communities. 

We provide residential supports in a variety of settings such as apartments, 5 or more person homes, and an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF-IID) for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  These residences, are located in Timberville, Broadway, Harrisonburg and Penn Laird, Virginia.

Our community-based day supports include the Harrisonburg and Broadway Day Programs, Community Connections volunteer program, and Supported Employment.  The variety of residential and day program options at Pleasant View, Inc. provide each individual choices in how to design supports to best meet his or her goals.

Pleasant View Pastor, Dave Gullman, offers spiritual support and opportunities for spiritual outreach through the Worship Team, sponsoring Faith & Light Communities, and regularly scheduled religious studies. 
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I believe in Pleasant View's mission and philosophy. The care and love that our staff give to each individual is amazing. Proud to be a pa


Organization makes an important contribution to the well being of the community.


What a great job Nancy Hopkins-Garriss and her staff do.


Thank you for all your work. I am lucky to work with wonderful people.