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  • Tina Glanzer says:

    To the many amazing people who persistent in building new lives and those who have helped them build.

  • Lisa Sheffer says:

    grateful to have Generations Crossings in our Community

  • Johna Secrist says:

    The Cardots leadership inspired my daughters love for massanetta and the lord. I grew up going there as part of the Petersburg Presbyterian

  • Cindy and Daryl Byler says:

    Thanks to NENA for its leadership in this important project of remembering Harrisonburg's history

  • Nancy Boyer says:

    Wish it could be a lot more. Thank you all for everything you do to make a difference.

  • Martijn Schokkenbroek says:

    In honor of Jess. You were the person who unwrapped her talants.

Thank you to our Past Sponsors!!

  • We thank all our sponsors including our Platium sponsors F&M Bank & Estland Design.  Sponsors have joined together to raise the prize pool of funds which will go to our partner nonprofit organizations.   Click here for more details...